stillness of the mind

The stillness of the Mind:

The programming within our mind is designed to survive in the conditioning of today's society.

We can train our mind to do the things that will serve us and give ourselves ahead start to create something for ourselves but to do this completely, we will require a great understanding of who we are and what it is that we want to achieve in the world.

However, since our mind is naturally producing random thoughts and at times we are a prisoner of our own thought system that we become undependable and the idea of meditations has been introduced so we can get to know that beyond our thinking, there is the space within our mind which is peaceful, powerful and blissful.

To have this consistently, we must train our mind to be still regardless of what we are doing or saying in our day to day duties.

To train the mind comes with the characteristics of dedications, disciplined and integrity..

There are so many methods that are available for us to use as a form of experiential.

One method is a self-studied course of applying the principle of A course in miracles by learning about how your mind works, and how to let go of the mind and reprogram the mind so that the mind can be experienced here and now.

Another method is the principle of 8 limbs of Yoga where you apply in your daily lifestyle until it transforms you to another awareness of real self. This includes a daily practice of hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga, breathing exercises, chanting, concentration, meditation just to experience the stillness of the mind that happens spontaneously.

Practice, practice, practice and experiential to whatever method you have chosen to use will lead you to a self discovery, master your own mind or it will master you.



Rosie Phare