Beyond Manifestation

Things that i have discovered within my true self as i embarked in my journey of knowing within is to accept all things as presented at a given time.

My mind was habituated to make projections and i could honestly say it has this auto programming, and it was up to me to cut the chain in order for me to be released from the dream programming to truly living my own reality now.

Through mind training, I have discovered that by letting go of everything, i have not actually lost anything, it was simply reorganised by the spirit so that what i get back gives me the feeling of gratitude and rest assured.

I went through the process of listening within me, learning whats within me and acting out through this the centreness from within.

So the transition of my self discovery, was first initiate getting the result of my own thinking.

 through my mind training, i have explored and experimented with metaphysics, so that i can witness the power of my mind.

Once I recognized that all mind has power, i then take on board with my self inquiry, how to live in such a world if other  minds were not trained to accept responsibilities of their own thinking. 

My inner guidance have led me to simply focus on myself and simply accept full responsibility of my own thinking and learn to forgive and let go so that I can be present and be miracle minded.

As i let my mind be purified, and allow my body to relax completely. I was able to connect with my package of energy. And through my inner guide, i let the flow of energies pass me through , both my darkness thoughts and light comes in a full circle and dispersed without my defenced and i reached pure consciousness.

It is then that i had self realisation that the flow of in breathe and out of breathe doesnt  go parallel and doesnt depend in the air, the breathe was actually stored from within, it was actually a full cycle of life and death and full encompassing of the eternal life.

And through the action of giving my love away unconditionally, as i keep discovering what's beyond my mind. I am witnessing that my journey is beyond manifestation. It is through the joy in my heart and peace in my mind and overcoming all obstacles to peace that I can go through the void.

Its here where i rest and be still and know I am that I am, and let my father (God) take me to the path where I can experience God in absolute and see the world healed at lasts.