Yoga Retreat

$75pp (min. 6 people), 2.5 hours

Advance your skills by learning the three yoga practices below as a combined force.

Yoga Nidra: A deep relaxation practice from the Indian yoga tradition, to turn psychic sleep into awakening. A process where a consciousness is activated and connected in the selfless mind, to witness its power within by exploring and experimenting with a new way of thinking.

Pranayama: Prana is a vital energy in the body and, on subtle levels, prana represents the pranic energy which is responsible for life. Control of breath is a very useful tool when doing yoga practice, as well as shifting blocks of energy from the body.

Traditional Hatha yoga: Through the philosophy of Patanjali, hatha yoga is used in the practice to mainly achieve the balance of two nadis, which is the female and male energy within ourselves in order to raise kundalini and have self-realisation.

Includes Jacuzzi, Infra-red Sauna and Healthy Shakes.

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